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What Are Suicidal Ideations?

What Are Suicidal Ideations? How to Get Help

You may be familiar with the topic of suicide, but what are suicidal ideations? Put simply, these are thoughts of suicide, but the issue can be more complicated than that. And developing a comprehensive understanding of suicidal ideations could be the key to keeping yourself and your loved ones safe. In the event that you...
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Crisis Stabilization Services For Adults

Crisis Stabilization Services For Adults

Every day, thousands of people battle mental illness. Sometimes, however, the fight for control of one’s life strikes with such unexpectedness or severity that they need an immediate care response. For those undergoing acute emotional distress, crisis stabilization services can provide the answer. Learn how to utilize them to secure a safe environment, reduce crisis...
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what is the baker act

What Is the Baker Act?

Springbrook Hospital is a Baker Act-receiving facility in Hernando County, Florida. But what is the Baker Act? If you’re unsure, we’ll address any questions you might have about this Florida law. What Is the Baker Act? The Florida Mental Health Act, also known as The Baker Act, passed in 1971. This law contains provisions for...
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