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Why Mental Health Is Vital During the Coronavirus Pandemic

As we all continue to navigate the coronavirus pandemic, many of us feel pressure to stay home at all costs. And while following proper social distancing guidelines is important, so is taking care of your mental health. Even in the midst of a public health crisis, you should prioritize and highly value your mental well-being....
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questions about dual diagnosis

Dual Diagnosis Treatment: 5 Common Questions

If you struggle with co-occurring mental health and substance abuse disorders, your addiction recovery plan might not look like traditional addiction treatment. Instead, you may need dual diagnosis. Dual diagnosis treatment is a specialized approach used to address addiction and mental health issues simultaneously. Here are answers to five common questions you might have: 1....
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what is the baker act

What Is the Baker Act?

Springbrook Hospital is a Baker Act-receiving facility in Hernando County, Florida. But what is the Baker Act? If you’re unsure, we’ll address any questions you might have about this Florida law. What Is the Baker Act? The Florida Mental Health Act, also known as The Baker Act, passed in 1971. This law contains provisions for...
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